The Armored Combat League

Armored Combat League (ACL) was founded to promote the development of the International Medieval Combat Federation (IMCF) in the United States (USA). After Team USA – Battle of the Nations debut in Poland 2012 it was decided a league would need to be formed. Also the ACL would need to recruit members for the USA team: USAKnights, however, its primary mission is the promotion and growth of steel combat in the USA using the historical medieval battles international rule set.

Each Group, different rules:


There are many organizations across the USA and other countries that do both medieval re-enactment and full contact armored fights, however, each organization has a different rule set that has worked for them and allows them to grow. Now, IMCF provides a solid framework of rules and regulations that was fine-tuned in Eastern Europe for over a decade, and proved to be very efficient in not only 1 vs. 1 duels, but in the mass battles as well.

Many regions, one league:


With IMCF rules and the ACL stretching over such a large nation the league was faced with providing guidance and experience to everyone. To that end we have divided the country up. There are three Divisions and each Division is broken down further into Regions where local fighting clubs will gather.





- West Division -

Northwest Region

Pacific Region

Southwest Region

- Central Division -

North Central Region

Middle Central Region

South Central Region

- East Division -

Northeast Region

Atlantic Region

Southeast Region

801 Sangamon Ave, Springfield, IL

801 Sangamon Ave, Springfield, IL